The future of homecare nursing for families

01st Sep 2017

HSE Approved Provider (1)

August 2017 brought with it significant changes to the delivery of complex homecare packages, with a select number of companies being chosen by the HSE to exclusively provide these services to families across the country. Resilience Care is delighted to announce that we are among these preferred providers.

Over the last number of years, the country’s main recruitment agencies have handled the majority of homecare nursing placements; however, these companies will no longer provide new HSE-funded complex homecare packages into the future.

What do these changes mean for families?  

Expertise | Nurse managers, as opposed to administrators, will oversee all homecare services

Understanding | Every family will be connected to an experienced nurse manager with the clinical skills to understand their loved one’s needs, and resolve any concerns that may arise in relation to their care.

Staff Selection | Interviews will be conducted by a Nurse Manager in person with all potential staff, with your loved one’s needs specifically in mind

Consistent Staff | Approved homecare providers will offer secure employment to nurses, thereby reducing staff turnover

Next steps

Does your family require homecare nursing support? Contact us today to discuss your particular needs, and how these recent developments can benefit your family.

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