Pioneering in Our Community Seminar | Advanced Homecare

22nd Nov 2018

Our Knowledge

Our inaugural nursing seminar ‘Pioneering in Our Community’ for our Advanced Homecare team was held on the 15th of November, 2018 in the Killeshin Hotel, Portlaoise.

Laura Keane, our Managing Director welcomed our nursing team to the day, including our nurse panel members, and gave an overview of our journey as an advanced homecare provider to present day and future plans. Organised by Olivia Sinclair, our Head of Advanced Homecare, the seminar included keynote presentations from nurses working on national policy and academia, a clinical insights session and introductions to our shared partner team in our ‘Hello my name is …’ panels. A day of continuous professional development, it also offered an opportunity for our nurses, nurse managers and support teams to meet, put faces to names and learn from one another.

The clinical insights session included contributions from specialist speakers and case studies from our nursing team. Edel Curran, Community Resource Officer with Epilepsy Ireland and Jennifer Collins, Resilience Care Nurse spoke on Epilepsy. Edel introduced the work of Epilepsy Ireland, providing insights into the supports they offer and left our team materials for future use. Jennifer, a nurse from our Cork team, presented a case study of her experience with John, a child in our care living with Epilepsy and the impact careful management of his condition has had on his quality of life and that of his family.

Suzanne O’Neill, Clinical Nurse Specialist, from Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and Maria Carr, Resilience Care Nurse presented on EB (Epidermolysis Bullosa). Suzanne introduced the approach her EB team are taking to treatment of the condition, the types of EB, the complications it brings and how to manage its symptoms, including wound treatment. Our nurse Maria spoke on her work with Sarah, a teenager we support with EB. An emotive piece, Maria demonstrated how Sarah is exceeding her own expectations, including travelling abroad with Maria’s personalised support. In a surprise at the end of Maria’s presentation, Laura Keane our MD was delighted to present Maria with her long service award, to celebrate five years with Resilience Care.

Our ‘Hello My Name is…’ panels introduced our shared partner team to their advanced homecare colleagues and outlined how they are here to support our homecare nursing and HCA teams. Thank you to Rachel (HR Manager), Kevin (Clinical Risk Manager), Jerry (Business Co-ordinator), Ed (Business Manager), Cora (Clinical Practice Specialist), Carole (Finance Manager) and Lars (National Community Services Development Manager) for their contributions.

Our keynote speakers offered a number of perspectives and insights into pioneering work in our advanced homecare community. Claire Quinn from NUIG delivered a keynote on ‘Paediatric Palliative/Complex Care – What’s happening today?’, providing an overview of developments in this area over the past few years and the impact recent studies have had on policy and procedure today. She also highlighted the importance of continuing study and specialisation, praising the contribution of our Nurse Manager Michelle Curtin to research in this area, who recently completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Paediatric, Palliative and Complex Care (for more on Michelle’s achievement, see here).

Dr Fintan Sheerin presented his keynote on ‘RNID Nursing: Building the Future’, drawing on his own experience in RNID nursing and sharing the key findings and recommendations from the Shaping the Future of Intellectual Disability Nursing in Ireland.  The research report – of which Dr Sheerin was Co-Principal Investigator – sets out a clear vision for RNID nursing that is evidence based, sustainable and which has person-centeredness, safety and inclusion at its core. Our final keynote by Maureen Flynn from the HSE, focussed on ‘Staff Wellbeing: Reflecting and Connecting’, in particular on the Schwartz Rounds initiative. In short, these are structured lunchtime sessions where staff have the opportunity to reflect on the emotional aspects of their work. As the HSE note: ‘Schwartz Rounds provide an evidenced based framework which has been proven to reduce psychology distress and improve staff well-being and teamwork which ultimately has an impact on person-centred care’.

The final element of the seminar was the launch of Schwartz Rounds for our Advanced Homecare team by Olivia Sinclair, Head of Advanced Homecare along with Geraldine Gleeson and Sandra Reilly two of our Nurse Managers and Schwartz Rounds facilitators. Our first Schwartz Round will be held in Dublin in January 2019 and will focus on ‘A patient I will never forget’. This initiative is open to all our Advanced Homecare team with those interested encouraged to apply to attend; it will be rolled out throughout 2019, with further sessions held nationwide.

Keynote Speakers:

Claire Quinn | Claire is Programme Director for the MHSc Children’s Palliative/Complex Care Programme in the School of Nursing and Midwifery, National University of Ireland, Galway. Claire was a Ministerial appointment as contributor to the National Policy for Children’s Palliative Care (DoHC 2010) and participates on the National Development Committee (Chaired by the HSE) charged with overseeing policy implementation.

Fintan Sheerin | Fintan is registered on the General and Intellectual Disability Divisions of the Nursing Register and is Head of Discipline/Assistant Professor, School of Nursing & Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin. Fintan’s research activity focuses on human rights, mental wellbeing and marginalisation. Most recently Fintan was Co-Principal Investigator on the recent report RNID Report Shaping the Future of Intellectual Disability Nursing in Ireland.

Maureen Flynn | Maureen is Director of Nursing, Quality Improvement Division, HSE and is Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems, UCD. In her current role, Maureen is the Lead for Governance and Staff Engagement for Quality in the HSE. Maureen has worked at national level on a number of nursing programmes including planning and leading the national strategy for implementation of nurse /midwife medicinal product prescribing and in the Dept. of Health on national healthcare policy.